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Guestbook for Nature and Wildlife Photography by Tom Samuelson
Diane Herman(non-registered)
Hi Tom - I hadn't visited your site in while. I like all the recent butterfly images. Wonderful. I also love the red-headed woodpeckers. I searched for them in late May, but sadly didn't find any.
Take care! Keep making the great images!
Samuel D Hatman(non-registered)
Oh my Tom, never stop. Your work, time and sacrifice gives joy to all of us who see with poet's eyes.
Anita Hall(non-registered)
It was fun meeting you at the Wood-Rill SNA this afternoon. Your photos are stunning. How did you ever capture that owl just about to grab that mouse? Wow
Todd Wallace(non-registered)
Fantastic Pictures Tom. You have an amazing eye for color and contrast. In many of the Photos I am left with the lingering question: "How did he get that photo"....the mark of a great photographer. Thank you!
Martha Cummings(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! You have a wonderful talent so keep up the work!
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