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Guestbook for Nature and Wildlife Photography by Tom Samuelson
Are you conducting any workshops recently? If so, I am very much interested and eager to take part in one. Else, if you could appoint me as an assistant to you, I would be happier, as it would be the best opportunity to learn more about photography.
hi nice click its really high quality pictures nice to see in big screen.keep posting pics like this i like it
38.Ken Harmon(non-registered)
Hi Tom!
Saw you on KARE11 news at the fair and had to search for and look at your images. You have some very wonderful images. Well done website!!!
Some beautiful, high quality nature photos here. Many of the shots have a wonderful, narrow, depth of a field with only the important details of the bird or animal in focus and everything else blurred into a nice bokeh.
30.Tom White(non-registered)
The guestbook is empty.