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Guestbook for Nature and Wildlife Photography by Tom Samuelson
38.Ken Harmon(non-registered)
Hi Tom!
Saw you on KARE11 news at the fair and had to search for and look at your images. You have some very wonderful images. Well done website!!!
Some beautiful, high quality nature photos here. Many of the shots have a wonderful, narrow, depth of a field with only the important details of the bird or animal in focus and everything else blurred into a nice bokeh.
30.Tom White(non-registered)
29.Denny Filpus(non-registered)
"VERY good job on creating this website!! Love the music in the background and all your photos. You are a gifted photographer and most of all were friends! Stay in touch and keep up with the good work you do." agree
28.Brian Vik(non-registered)
Great photos of the prairie chickens!
Very nice to meet you last week, and thanks for the encouragement!
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