Nature and Wildlife Photography by Tom Samuelson: Blog en-us Tom Samuelson (Nature and Wildlife Photography by Tom Samuelson) Sun, 12 Aug 2018 22:15:00 GMT Sun, 12 Aug 2018 22:15:00 GMT Nature and Wildlife Photography by Tom Samuelson: Blog 120 97 Olympic National Park I haven't posted for a while because of two reasons.  First, the summer the doldrums and two we just got back from the Olympic National Park in Washington.  As a family(our son lives in Seattle) we toured Olympic and hit the major spots.  Hurricane ridge, Hoh rain forest, Ruby Beach and Quinault Lodge.  Great trip, but I truthfully came away underwhelmed.  The Hurricane ridge was good but the Hoh rain forest was a disappointment.  So was Ruby beach.  There was hundreds of people.  It would have been very difficult to get an image. 

Please don't underestimate my how grateful I was to be there, for me, it was both a family trip and research.  I do want to go back and research other areas, but unless you spent a great deal of time on obtaining a specific image, it would be difficult to go there.  You need to know exactly what you want your image to be, where to get it and then be there at the time of year that will get you that image.  I will go back but there are other geographic areas I would love to explore first.


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Montana Sage Grouse Against doctors orders, I decided I could not sit around any longer.  So I took off for Montana to search for Sage Grouse.  One I have been wanting to go after for years.  This now was the time.  A long drive and I fought several snow storms, but on the last morning before leaving for home, it all came together.  After 2800 images in one morning, I have just started going through all them, but I thought I would post a very small sample.  More to come!

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Post Surgery I am back.  Not 100% yet, but getting there.  I have been out a little (against my Dr's orders) and operating on a very cautious basis.  My shoulder is starting to feel a little normal.  I have posted a few redhead and goldeneye images that I have been able to obtain before the ice here in Minnesota completely disappears.  I have several redhead images but I have picked what I believe to be the best and the ones I really like.  Hope you enjoy. 

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Surgery Unfortunately, I am having surgery on Feb 9.  I had slipped on some ice and landed on my left shoulder and torn my rotator cuff.  So, please be patient with my presenting any new images.  I will be out of commission for at least 3 months.  I hope to be back giving you images in May!  Thanks for your patience.  

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Minnesota North Shore Spent a few days on Minnesota's North Shore this past weekend looking for fall color.  Didn't find much yet.  Probably next weekend.  Did find a few images worth sharing.  Hope you enjoy.

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Canada Goose Identification? Can anyone help me with the identification of this Canada goose, please?.  It is very small, much smaller than your normal Canadian.  I want to say Cackling but it would be very far outside it's range.  My instincts tell me it is a lesser, but I am unsure. 

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Loons in Minnesota Spent the afternoon of Memorial day on a lake searching for loons and their babies.  In hind site, it was difficult dealing with all the boaters.  Not from a loon perspective, but from all the boat wakes.  Rocking in a boat and trying to take loon photographs is not the easiest thing to do.  But as it grew closer to sunset, the boat traffic died down and we were able to capture a few images that I like.  Hope you enjoy also. 

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Ducks eating fish Had the day off so I spent the day in a new area for ducks.  Windy and cold, but I was surprised to see Mallards eating fish.  Once one had one, others would chase it all over until he/she eat it or dropped it.  Fascinating watching the behavior.  Also watched a female Redhead dive for fish.  I was not as surprised with her doing it because she is a "diving" duck.  But mallards, very interesting.  Hope you enjoy.  

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Lake of the Woods County Spent a long weekend on the border with Canada researching new areas.  Found some very beautiful Bohemian Waxwing's, Boreal Chickadee's, Pine Grosbeak's and very cold weather.  Sunday morning, awoke to -27 degrees.  Long ride home on Sunday night, but had a great time.  Saw a lot, photographed a lot; I will go back.  Next time, without the cold weather!

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Ivory Gull Duluth Minnesota A juvenile Ivory Gull has shown up in the Duluth harbor and has been sticking around for some time.  As a gull of the high artic, it rarely comes this far south.  So a friend and I just had to try to capture this rarity.  On Sat Jan 9th, we spent the day in the Duluth harbor and was not disappointed.  Great looks and photos of a bird I have never seen.  It was cloudy and cold, not the best light but you make due with what you have.  We also picked up some Herring and Ring-billed Gull photos too.  Hope you enjoy. 

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West Montana As a self employed individual, every so often I am blessed with having holes in my schedule.  The last week of August was just one of those times that I had some time off.  So, I decided to hit the trail and head west to western Montana for some fly fishing and photography.  Fishing was tough and so was the photography.  The western fires in Idaho were casting an awful lot of smoke where I was and you could not even see the mountains; plus it was hot, 90+ degrees and smoky.   I did manage to get some images, but nothing earth shattering, but I did get my first Shiras moose and Black billed Magpie. 

On my way home, I did a quick stop over in Teddy Roosevelt NP and got some hazy sunset shots before continuing my drive home.

 Hope you enjoy.

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Badlands of South Dakota Spent a couple of days in the Badlands of South Dakota chasing a few target species; Swift Foxes, Prairie Dogs and Burrowing Owls.   I was successful on all three species, but my burrowing owls came up short as to quality.  They were very skittish and I only got a few shots at a very long way away, but I did get my first ever photos!  You won't find them on this website due to the quality, but I have made plans to go back and work on a different approach. 

Added bonus of having a storm come through and I had left the prairie because I did not want to be stuck out there.  So I came into town and went out on the road and found a good overlook.  Turned out, it went mostly north of me but got some good images; very cool to watch the storm roll in.

Sturgis was going on at the time and were there bikers.  There were motorcycles everywhere; I heard there were over 1.8 million people for the 75th anniversary.  Chatted with several and they were very nice people coming from all over America.  Even one from Poland. Wow.

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Southwest MN Prairies Spent two days on the prairies of southwest Minnesota this weekend.   I was looking to capture the beauty that exists and I somewhat succeeded.  I went to Touch the Sky, Prairie Coteau, Hole in the Mountain, Mound Springs, Yellow Bank Hills.  Touch the Sky was good on the north side, Prairie Coteau is good but I find it hard to photograph, Hole in the Mountain was beautiful on Sunday morning!!!!!  Calm and beautiful sunrise, but I hate the windmills........  Yellow Bank Hills - didn't stay long.  Mound Springs, need to go back there.  Saw and photographed my first western kingbird, but it was sitting on a fence  Blah.....    Then I needed to photograph the Ball Cactus and I won't tell you where that is.  It is in one and only one place in Minnesota.  While doing that, I was obviously close to a Common Nighthawk nest; never found it but this Nighthawk poised so well for me on a big granite rock that I had to photograph her!  I could not believe my luck; just amazing.

Great trip will always go back.

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Blue Mounds My Wife and I spent a short but wonderful trip to Blue Mounds State Park.  Upon arriving on Friday night, the rain was just beginning and we found ourselves confined to the car.  Soon the rain ended and we found the Cacti to be in bloom (cactus in Minnesota you ask?   There are actually three forms of cacti native to Minnesota).   It turned out to be a beautiful evening on the prairie!  Saturday morning dawned clear and wet from dew.  I found little to photograph but soon moved on to prickly pear cactus.  The Buffalo wondered my way and I was able to get a few isolated photographs.  It turned out to be hot and sweaty but I came away with some decent images.  Good memories.    

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Western Grebes It has been a while since I posted here and will post here with a topic that I have never done before; photographing the rushing grebes.  Every spring the western grebes arrive and begin their mating rituals.  Part of those rituals, is to run on the water.  Photographing them is a challenge like no other.  I really enjoyed my time with grebes and please enjoy these photos, I had a great time capturing them.

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Winter on MN North Shore My wife and I spent one night in Two Harbors searching for photo ops along the north shore of Lake Superior.  Fell many times, my legs hurt, am now sick, but we had a great time with the ice.  Please enjoy.

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Killdeer Adventure On roughly July 6th, I happened to find a Killdeer nest.  Not knowing when the eggs had been laid, myself along with a couple of friends made the journey to the nest every other day.  After some time, we became a little worried that the eggs were not hatching.  We already thought that this nest was a re-nest due to the amount of rain Minnesota had received in the spring and early summer.  So, on July 30th, we once again made our journey to the nest to "check on things."  To our surprise and relief, three of the four eggs hatched.  Immediately, we made plans to "be here in the morning".  So, we were there before sunrise and waited until it warmed up and we witnessed the fledging of three baby Killdeer.  The lighting was not perfect, but it was really cool to witness.  For me, this adventure now comes to a close.  I hope you enjoy these images.

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Lake of the Woods This past weekend, my wife and I took a trip up to Lake of the Woods to find the Federally Threaten Piping Plover.  We did not find any!  There was one nesting bird last year and this year, there are none.  I will try again next year, but I do not hold out hope.  They may be gone from MN all together.  That area has had more rain and Lake of the Woods is rising quickly.  We did find a small nesting colony of Common Terns (Common Terns are not so common in MN anymore, it is listed as state threatened) on a very small strip of an exposed sandbar.  The next day when we went back there, the birds were being flooded out.  The water was rising that fast.  I did manage to come away with some images, nothing that I would call great, but it was fun to be out there.  

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Bog Orchids A very good friend and I spent the weekend in northern MN searching for orchids of the bog.  We found several.  Great weekend!!!   Several first for me with a few special additions.  Namely, Blackburian Warbler and Chestnut Sided Warbler with credit going to my friend for having the means and the patience to get these images.  Thanks Joe!

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"The Bog" This past weekend I was able to get away with a couple of friends to "the bog" and found a wonderful Snowy Owl.  Could not have had a better time!!!! 

Please enjoy.

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